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Nearly 20 years ago, in 1998, we commenced window cleaning Perth. Over the years we expanded to Sydney and Melbourne. In our hearts, this has always been the home of MyWindowCleaner, and we are proud to focus on our roots, our treasured commercial and domestic window cleaning clients throughout the Metropolitan region.

Whether you run a shop, office or home, our aim is to be your regular glass maintenance provider. To achieve that goal, we aim to provide the best in service, price and quality. We, therefore, specialise in:





Difficult Access Areas

Pure Water Technology/Water Fed Pole Work

Why Choose Us?


Here’s Ten Reasons To Choose Us:

1. Pride in our work – Every job is done with the maximum result in mind, sparkling, clean glass.

2. Master Technicians – Anyone Can Wield A Squeegee, but only an expert has the skill to leave the surface streak free and shiny

3. The Complete Package – We don’t just do the outsides, we’ll do the insides and the tracks according to our customers’ requirements.

4. Skill and Courtesy –  You’ll be surprised that courtesy still exists, and, when you add our efficiency, you get the complete package.

5. Equipment and Know How – If you have hard access areas, we have the ladders and water fed poles to reach them. Know how comes with experience, and we have 20 years of it.

6. Comforting prices – You won’t need a mortgage to pay for our services. We aim to give you the best value for money around.

7. Customer Satisfaction –  We guarantee to seek your satisfaction by getting you to inspect the work before we leave, and then we’ll address any concerns you have, there and then.

8. No Life Of Ease –  If your job is big or small, we’ll take care of it. We don’t just look for the easy jobs.

9. Count on us –  We aim to be on time, every time. In addition, we know what we are doing so we work quickly, efficiently, and, thoroughly.

10. The Whole Caboodle – We’ll do your home, but, we are happy to also take care of your office, showroom, or shop. You can count on us.


Window Cleaning Perth Coverage Areas

We cover the following areas:Balga, Bassendean, KarrinyupJoondalupCavershamStirlingCarineFremantleEllenbrookLeedervilleDianellaMaylandsMount HawthornKoondoolaDuncraigSorrentoYokineComoBeechboro, The City, Dalkeith, South Perth, NorandaBeldonClarkson,

In addition, to these areas, we cover every region of the city. Simply call us on 0490808372 to book a job in any suburb, even if not listed above. And, with prices starting from only $60*, you will find us affordable as well as efficient.



Window Cleaning Perth is your best choice for local knowledge, courtesy and price! Call us today on 0490808372, or, reach us at Facebook and Twitter